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Tout ce qui est apparu doit disparaître

mardi 6 mars 2007, par eric

Pour reprendre la discussion entre Lao-Tse et Confucius aujourd’hui, même si cela paraît facile de la part de quelqu’un vivant dans l’opulence de Luxembourg, la question de vivre dans le Monde ramène peut-être à celle posée en 1971 par Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen dans son livre “The Entropy Law and the Economic Process” :

"Man’s natural dowry, as we all know, consists of two essentially distinct elements : (1) the stock of low entropy on or within the globe, and (2) the flow of solar energy, which slowly but steadily diminishes in intesity with the entropic degradation of the sun. But the crucial point for the population problem as well as for any reasonable speculations about the future exosomatic evolution of mankind is the relative importance of these two elements. For, as surprising as it may seem, the entire stock of natural resources is not worth more than a few days of sunlight !

If we abstract from other causes that may knell the death bell of the human species, it is clear that natural resources represent the limitative factor as concerns the life span of that species. Man’s existence is now irrevocably tied to the use of exosomatic instruments and hence to the use of natural resources just as it is tied to the use of his lungs and of air in breathing, for example. We need no elaborated argument to see that the maximum of life quantity requires the minimum rate of natural resources depletion. By using these resources too quickly, man throws away that part of solar energy that will still be reaching the earth for a long time after he has departed. And everything man has done during the last two hundred years or so puts him in the position of a fantastic spendthrift. There can be no doubt about it : any use of the natural resources for the satisfaction of nonvital needs means a smaller quantity of life in the future. If we understand well the problem, the best use of our iron resources i sto produce plows and harrows as they are needed, not Rolls Royces, not even agricultural tractors.

... mankind may find itself again in the situation in which it will find more advantageous to use beasts of burden because they work on solar energy instead of the earth’s resources..."

De ces considérations est née l’école de pensée de la Décroissance, vous savez celle qui pense que "Celui qui croit qu’une croissance exponentielle peut continuer indéfiniment dans un monde fini est un fou, ou un économiste."...

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