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Meet Dr Einstein

11 février 2008, 21:47, par eric

Je ne peux me retenir de citer des extraits de la critique de Graham Cleverley parue dans Luxembourg News 352 du 24.01.08 :

"If there’s one successful rule of thumb in the theatre, it’s pick yourself a trusty old comedy that has had audiences rolling about for decades, forget about messages and deeper meanings, and simply sock it to’em.

And at the ISL last week they socked it.

For a few minutes at the start their production of Arsenic and Old Lace stuttered a little. But once Eevalisa Lutt’s Martha Brewster joined Sara Burnham’s Abby Brewster they fed off each other beautifully as the fabled pair of prim old ladies devoted to relieving lonely men (of their lives).


The last major part of Dr Einstein (Herbert(sic) not Albert) was payed by Peter Lorre. Well, almost. Actually the program said Louis VanDerElst (and Lorre’s been dead for forty years) but if I hadn’t been paying attention I could have been fooled.


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